A Message from the President of the Northwest Suburban Interfaith Council

The NW Suburban Interfaith Council was born over 30 years ago when the local Jewish Community Center was defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti.  Clergy and members of local congregations banded together-not only to decry and condemn a hateful act but to create something new: an organization that could work together to foster understanding of other faiths, encourage cooperative social service efforts and serve as an ethical and moral voice promoting positive growth and unity in our community.  

Over the years the NW Suburban Interfaith Council has witnessed programming growth by our commitment to fight against community hunger through the direct support for our 4 members’ food pantries, voicing our views against injustice, distribution of books to improve early childhood literacy…and by faith, through the inspirational and popular annual Thanksgiving celebration. This year, adding to our efforts, we plan to sponsor a community book drive for children, participate in Feed My Starving Children’s programing and engage in local environmental issues.

When we combine the number of members covering our 11 places of worship, I would guess that number between 6,000 to 7,500 families… equating to at least 16,000 men, women and children. I am hopeful this year, especially through the popularity of zoom, we can “touch” so many more through interesting programming than we had ever before. Stay tuned for further information as we start to proceed down this path. 

As you know, these are troubled times. We find it easy to find fault with one another, be it political or for any reason. We know that bigotry still exists. I find our message of faith is essential. Faith brings us hope and hope brings us to understanding and, perhaps, to love for our neighbors.

Our mission “to foster understanding and unity among those of different faiths” and to “serve as an ethical/moral voice when issues surface” is clear.…Our programming is solid…and... Our prayers are for peace and harmony, not only for our community, but for all no matter where they may reside.

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